Is Moscow the Money behind Bombs in Odessa

Has Moscow reverted to acts of terrorism by targeting key points within the Ukraine such as Odessa for debilitating the Ukranian army and pro Ukranian fighters? Here are some key points: – Outside office of the Council of Public Security on Dec. 10 – One kilo was being carried a few days later towards the(…)

Boracay Island, Philippines

  Boracay Island is a small island located at the Northwest of Panay Island in the Philippines.  It is very popular to tourists.  It is known for its very fine sand and clean blue waters.  Tourists find it fun to stay at Boracay since it has so much to do, so much activities to add(…)

About Gondia

About Gondia

Gondia, or Gondiya  is a city in the state of Maharashtra in Central India, and is the administrative headquarters of the Gondia District. Gondia is also known as Rice City due to the abundance of rice mills in the area. It is a very important city in the Vidarbha region. Gondia is very close to(…)

Elephants Becoming Extinct?

According to 96 Elephants (which gets its name from the approximately 96 elephants that are poached every day), there were roughly 1.2 million African elephants in 1980. After the illegal ivory trade “heyday” during the 1980s, the population declined to nearly 420,000 in 2012.

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